Condition monitoring techniques to detect early signs of changes in lubrication


Detect the wear particles in lubricant generated in the sliding/contact parts such as bearings and gears, then identifying the condition of target portion by analyzing the wear particle morphology, size, concentration, colour and composition. As comprehensively evaluating them, diagnose the degradation condition, identifying wear parts and remaining life. This is the essential diagnostic technique of machines for CBM, such as identifying of optimal overhaul time, increasing of operation availability, reduction of maintenance costs and early detection of abnormal signs. It enables to know the condition of machines in a short time without overhaul, furthermore not necessary to stop facilities for TRIBODIAGNOSIS.

We have been carrying out TRIBODIAGNOSIS more than 20 years and providing a reliable diagnosis based on extensive experience, expertize and accumulated data. It is widely utilized mainly in electric power companies as a key technology for reviewing of overhaul demand or extension of periodic maintenance.
TRIBODIAGNOSIS is not only to detect early signs of changes in lubrication condition, but also useful for diagnostic confirmation of the health of machines.

If it has been carrying out as regular checkups from the start of operation, the trend-lines of condition changes will be available for each machines.
In other words, it enables to reduce maintenance costs effectively through trend management.

TRIBODIAGNOSIS catches a minute change of lubrication condition and achieves an effective condition monitoring.
Predict the remaining life of the target machine


A trend management brings the remaining life prediction.
To predict the remaining operation time to reach the threshold by detecting the point of deterioration trend of the target machine, which is set an allowable limit value.
As TRIBODIAGNOSIS is possible to detect the deterioration trend earlier than other condition monitoring techniques, it means that predicting the remaining life is also earlier.

※ The prediction is difficult in the period whilst the analysis result is in stable.
Remaining life prediction by TRIBODIAGNOSIS
Prediction is difficult in the stable condition
We offer a variety of types of TRIBODAIGNOSIS as diagnostic purpose.

 ・ Single-item analysis is available
 ・ Analysis not listed on the contents are available.
 ・ Standard due date is six business days*. If hurry, please contact us.
 ・ Any questions about a combination of items, types of TRIBODAIGNOSIS, et al. please feel free to contact us.

  *Depends on the number of samples or the requirements, the due date may be more than six business days.
Comprehensive Evaluation / Detailed Diagnosis
・ Wear(incl. option) + Property or Contami or required items
tribodiagnosis property
Property - Oil

・ Viscosity (40℃ / 100℃ / Index)
・ TBN (engine oil)
・ IR
・ Oxidation Stability
Property - Grease

・ Consistency
・ Dripping Point
・ IR
tribodiagnosis contami

・ Particle Contamination
・ Contamination by gravimetric
・ Particle Distribution
・ Water
・ Optical Micrograph
tribodiagnosis wear
Wear - Oil or Grease

・ Ferrography

・ Scanning Electron Micrograph
・ X-ray Micro Analysis
Contents of Analysis
Representing contents of analysis for TRIBODIAGNOSIS
Analysis Contents Measure Standard Purpose
Viscosity mm2/s JIS K 2283 ① Lubricant degradation
② Presence of mixture
③ Lubricant property
Water ppm JIS K 2275 Water content
Acid Number mgKOH/g JIS K 2501 Acid component
Particle Contamination N/100ml JIS B 9930
( NAS1638 )
Number of particles by size
Contaminations by
Gravimetric Method
mg/100ml JIS B 9931 Mass of insoluble contaminants
Optical Micrograph Observing of contaminants
Infrared absorption spectroscopy
( IR )
%T,cm-1 JIS K 0117
( general )
① Identification of organics
② Residual volume of antioxidants
③ Oxidation degradations
Rotary Bomb Oxidation Stability Testing min JIS K 2514 Remaining life of oil
Ferrography DR %/ml Severity of wear
Analytical Causes and points of wear
Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program
( SOAP-T )
ppm JIS K 0116
( general )
Detailed analysis of metal elements and its concentration
Scanning Electron Micrograph
( SEM )
Detailed Observation of shape of wear particles and inorganics (mainly metals)
X-ray Micro Analysis
( XMA )
Identifying materials of wear particles and inorganics (mainly metals)
※For Grease's [Ferrography] [SOAP], preprocessing required such as the dilution, et al.
Available for the analyse items not listed above. Contact us

1. Take a sample of lubricant from the target equipment

2. Send the sampled lubricant to TRIBOTEX

3. The sample is analyzed at TRIBOTEX
  The target equipment's condition is diagnosed on analyzed data

4. TRIBODIAGNOSIS report is sent to the customer